Dear Brenda,


We join together in congratulating you on receiving the prestigious TELLY Award for your film Freedom from Despair!


Your vision, leadership and dedication in sharing the story of Croatia's struggle for freedom after decades of oppression through communism and the experiences of the Balkan wars highlights the important universal call for liberty.  You are an extraordinary trailblazer in this vital field of independent filmmaking.


We also commend you for your initiative in spearheading the efforts in having the Singing Revolution shown on KOCE - one of the largest PBS markets to an estimated monthly viewership of 5.8 million people.  Our fellow Americans were able to once again view the struggle for freedom - now from Estonia's experiences after watching Freedom from Despair. 


As a young leader you are also inspiring and reaching a new generation - which is vital to cause of advancing freedom.  I must add that your work is certainly educating and informing millions of our fellow Americans of our world's recent history and the advancement of liberty.


KOCE's press release clearly outlines your important achievements and we wish you great success in your future endeavors! 


And, we look forward to your new film!  Let us know how we can get the word out.


Your important work in supporting Adriatic Institute's mission and vision in strengthening the rule of law and advancing economic freedom in Croatia and the Balkan region is much appreciated. 


Warmest regards,


Joel Anand Samy


Co-Founder and Trustee

Adriatic Institute for Public Policy


Co-Founder and Chairman

International Leaders Summit